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Room Size

When deciding on which pool table is best for you, there are a number of factors to consider.

Do you have enough room along all sides of the table to allow for players to comfortably take every shot?
If you want to set up your table on a lower level, are there any load bearing supports in that room?
Is your table primarily going to be used by adults or children?

To suit your setting and individual needs, we offer three sizes of pool tables, allowing for customization to your space. The chart below will help guide you as to the area required for each size table. The dimensions take into consideration enough space around the table to still be able to use a standard, two-piece, 58” cue. If your room is smaller than the dimensions shown, you can simply adjust the required area downward by choosing a shorter cue. A 52” cue will reduce the required room size by one foot and a 48” cue will reduce it by one and a half feet. These shorty cues are perfect for tight spots. Consider a 7’ table with 52” cues if children will primarily be using your table and if space is an issue.

Which Size Do I Need?

Table Dimensions Room Dimensions for 58" Cues
7’ x 3’ 6” 12’ 9" x 16’
8’ x 4’ 13’ 2” x 16’ 10”
9’ x 4’ 6” 13’ 8” x 17’ 10”

If you have a load-bearing support beam in your room, it is best to try and place the table so the beam is at the side of the table rather than the end. If you have to place it at an end, it’s better to position the table so that the pole is at the break end rather than the foot or rack end of your table.

Finally, you may want to complement your new table with attractive accessories for storage of spare cues and balls. We offer both free standing and wall-mounted racks, in addition to scorekeepers and scorer rack combinations. Whether you’re shooting around on your own, with the family, or hosting a night of pool with your friends, your new pool table will surely supply hours of fun for years to come.


What size pool table is right for your space?

Check out our recommendations on pool table room size for tips.

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